The Game Boy Camera may look downright rudimentary by today’s standards, but it was actually quite impressive at the time, especially for the price and form factor. Nintendo’s unique peripheral released back in 1998, and obviously technology has advanced quite a bit since then. We’ve got incredible cameras built into our phones now, but one person isn’t ready to leave the Game Boy Camera idea behind.

Modder Christopher Graves set out to make his own version of the Game Boy Camera, which he calls the Game Boy Mini Camera. From the picture above, you can instantly see that Graves’ version of a camera for the Game Boy is much smaller than what Nintendo could put together back in 1998.

The size difference isn’t the only change though, as this device uses a custom board, the original camera’s sensor, a memory map controller and some capacitors to build a whole new beast. All that tech is coupled with the lens from an iPhone XR, which gives you new shot options, but all with that retro Game Boy Camera look.

Perhaps best of all, the Game Boy Mini Camera now uses flash memory, so you can store a lot more pictures on the cartridge. You can get a closer look at all the technical magic at play here in the tweet below.

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