ARK: Genesis Part 1 Now Available on Switch

There's more than just dinosaurs out there

01 July 2023
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Studio Wildcard today unlocked the next chapter in the saga of ARK: Survival Evolved with the release of ARK: Genesis Part 1 on Nintendo Switch. The first of two huge expansion packs, Genesis Part 1 expands the ARK storyline with all-new mission-based, story-oriented gameplay and leads Survivors through beautiful yet lethal worlds filled with exotic creatures, craftable items, and weapons unlike anything seen before on the ARK!

ARK: Genesis Part 1 comes as a free download for owners of ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition, which includes all the original ARK: Survival Evolved content and its huge Expansion Packs Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, and Genesis Parts 1 & 2, or available within the ARK Genesis Pass and the ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition Upgrade. ARK: Genesis Part 2 is anticipated to launch by the end of 2023.

All ARK Survivors are invited to “Summer Bash”, the annual community-favorite in-game event for sun and fun! Relax by the beach with tribemates, hunt for newly released chibi pets and dress dinos and characters in sizzlin’ summer styles, including patriotic party supplies for the 4th of July like Uncle Sam Top Hats and fireworks! Head to the Nintendo eShop now to pick up ARK: Survival Evolved for 50% off and both the ARK: Season Pass and the ARK Genesis Pass for 30% off. Both Summer Bash and the sale are happening now through July 24.

In the massive ARK: Genesis Part 1 expansion, Survivors wake up within a virtual simulation accompanied by the strangely familiar ‘HLN-A’ companion. Together they must overcome the simulation’s rigorous tests and only by fighting, building, taming, and exploring this new world will Survivors uncover the secrets behind this forbidding place.


Helena Walker, the biologist who authored the lore-filled explorer notes in ARK: Survival Evolved, has created a hovering AI companion called ‘HLN-A.’ Fully voiced, she’ll act as a guide in ARK: Genesis, providing Survivors with missions, tasks, and story. HLN-A will provide useful benefits such as scanning the detailed statistics of creatures and rapid level traversal. Completing missions earns new map-wide bonuses and Hexagons, which can be spent for extra resources, additional Engram Points, TEK items, travel between environments, and more. Discover hundreds of Explorer Notes, and Environmental Cues throughout the world to learn even more about the history of ARK.


The ARK: Genesis expansion features beautiful biomes ripe for exploration. In ARK: Genesis Part 1 the simulator tests Survivor’s mettle across fetid alien bogs, deep undersea trenches, frigid mountain peaks, dangerous volcanic hellscapes… and even the wild low-gravity surface of an alien moon. Conquering each area requires preparation, smarts, and the ability to improvise before the natural beauty closes its death-grip!


The environments may be dangerous, but that’s nothing compared to the new creatures who call ARK: Genesis home. ARK: Genesis Part 1 introduces web-spinning spider-like beasts, cute-but-deadly shapeshifters, sea turtles the size of islands, and lava lizards that act as living forges. Plus, who doesn’t want to fly around on an immense hyperspace-capable space whale?

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