Pikmin 4 is the latest installment in the long-running Pikmin franchise, and early word is that this entry could have a major impact on the series’ story up to this point.

It’s not like there’s a deep story to the Pikmin franchise by any means, but there are some events that have happened. The biggest of those events being Captain Olimar getting marooned on earth and needing rescue. Now, some inside information from Pikmin 4 seems to indicate that Nintendo will be rewriting the past to a degree.

A ton of information on Pikmin 4 has leaked, thanks to dataminers digging through the game’s demo. What those dataminers have discovered are some story logs that’ll appear in the game, and they seem to indicate that Olimar’s previous adventures may have been a dream. It’s not clear if that’ll be the case when the story is said and done, but some of the logs point to Pikmin 4 being the first time Olimar has been stranded on earth.

Again, nothing mind-shattering here as the story in the Pikmin franchise is pretty much window dressing, but still an interesting discovery. It’s clear Nintendo is trying to make Pikmin 4 the biggest entry in the franchise and one that welcomes newcomers, so making it an installment that retcons the previous games would make sense. We’ll all find out of that’s the case comes July 21st, 2023!

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11M ago

This is a terrible take imo, Pikmin doesn't have a complex story but it does have a mystery that develops each game. Now we are back at the beginning, and the mystery built up over the course of 3 games and a 2d spin-off has been thrown aside.


11M ago

Olimar has literally turned into a Pikmin as seen in the original games' bad ending. So this much was to be expected. Either that or a split timeline.


11M ago

Whoever wrote this really knows nothing about pikmin. Its so obvious that it just takes place after 3 like normal. The Japanese site even says so! They dont even 'indicate' anything about past games being dreams, thats a straight up lie. Shame on the author for falling for such obvious tripe.