Diehard Nintendo fans love all of the company’s franchises, and that includes the ones that we haven’t seen installments in for quite some time. When the topic of dormant franchises comes up, F-Zero is almost always the first mentioned. Now we might have a little bit of insight as to why.

VGC had the chance to speak to Takaya Imamura, a former Nintendo developer who worked on the F-Zero series. Imamura was asked why a series like F-Zero gets considerably less attention from Nintendo than something like Star Fox, which is certainly a quieter Nintendo franchise as well, but gets a bit more love. You can see Imamura’s response below.

I think it’s because Mario Kart is Nintendo’s most popular racing game, and a new F-Zero would cost a fortune. My impression is that Miyamoto-san is very affectionate about Star Fox.

[Takaya Imamura]

You could always tell that Miyamoto was especially attached to Star Fox, so there’s no doubt his sway helps bring about new games in that series. Unfortunately, it seems that the success of Mario Kart has pushed F-Zero into a corner for the time being, but hopefully someone at Nintendo comes along to be the champion for F-Zero soon.

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11M ago

So just do a crossover for the next F-Zero game, and brand it as a Starfox racer but really beneath the hood it is clearly the next iteration of F-Zero. I think most fans would understand that this may be the only way to resurrect the series in a way that Nintendo would green light.