Gravity Circuit is making its way to Switch on July 13th, 2023, which means we’re less than 2 weeks away from launch! Ahead of the game’s arrival, a new dev blog has been shared that details just what went into bringing Gravity Circuit to life.

While Gravity Circuit started out as the vision of a solo dev, the project eventually required the work of a sizable team stationed all around the world. Antti, a game dev from Domesticated Ant Games, elaborated on how far and wide the team virtually gathered from to make Gravity Circuit a reality.

“Gravity Circuit’s development is a global effort, with a diverse team spanning multiple countries. From the creative talents of Dominic Ninmark, the composer and character designer, to the artists who contributed to the captivating in-game visuals, the collaboration has brought together a range of skills and perspectives. While the core group responsible for the game consists of a dedicated few, including myself, Dominic, and a small team of artists, additional members such as porting staff, play testers, and promotional artists have also played crucial roles in bringing Gravity Circuit to life.”

[Antti, game dev from Domesticated Ant Games ]

There’s a lot of other interesting insight provided in the full Gravity Circuit dev blog, which you can read here.

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