Developer MINTROCKET has confirmed that Dave the Diver is going to see release on Switch sometime in 2023. There’s no word on pricing or file size at this time.

Dave the Diver is a casual, singleplayer adventure RPG featuring deep-sea exploration and fishing during the day and sushi restaurant management at night. Join Dave and his quirky friends as they seek to uncover the secrets of the mysterious Blue Hole.

Dive into the ever-changing Blue Hole and use a harpoon and other weapons to catch fish and various creatures.Upgrade and forge equipment with collected resources and sushi restaurant profits to prepare for the dangers that lurk in the unknown. Running out of oxygen means leaving collected items and fish behind!

Quirky but lovable characters and a story full of in-jokes, spoofs, and other humorous scenes provide an approachable and enjoyable gameplay experience.

A combination of pixel and 3D graphics provides a stunning art style that showcases breathtaking underwater scenery. This oceanic adventure is set in the real marine environment of a Blue Hole filled with over 200 kinds of sea creatures.

Minigames, side quests, and multiple storylines provide many hours of entertainment and varied gameplay.

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11M ago

Tempted to just pick this up now since it's on sale on Steam to play on Steamdeck or just wait for the switch version. I'll probably wait since I'm still neck-deep playing TOTK, and the switch OLED screen would make this game's colors pop.