New Pikmin 4 Event Challenge Revealed for Pikmin Bloom

The crossover event of the Summer

05 July 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Mark your calendars for the 21st of July, the official release date of Pikmin 4! To celebrate, Pikmin Bloom is introducing a new event challenge featuring seven new Pikmin 4 Spaceship Decor Pikmin! Make sure to participate in the event and add them all to your squad!

Date & Time: From July 21 (Friday) at 0:00 through August 13 (Sunday), 23:59 local time.

Event Details

Each completed mission will earn you a reward that could be anything from petals, nectar, gold seedlings, or other valuable in-game items. Moreover, you will be guaranteed to get a gold seedling when the big flower in the middle of the stage goes into full bloom.

Stay tuned for the mission details to be unveiled on July 21st!

Please note that the flowers in the Pikmin 4 Spaceship event challenge will change from lilies and frangipanis to sunflowers and the new August flower starting at 0:00 local time on July 31st. You’ll see this change reflected in the next mission post-switch. Additionally, the shop will continue to carry lily and frangipani petals for purchase until August 13.

When you complete a mission in the event challenge, you’ll get a reward to collect on the event widget. Please note that you won’t be able to progress to the next stage until you’ve claimed all the rewards.

The gold seedlings you get from the event challenge will grow into one of the 7 types of Pikmin 4 Spaceship Decor Pikmin. These include red, yellow, blue, purple, white, winged, or rock Pikmin. Please be aware that there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get all 7 types.

The premium event pass is coming back! (exclusive offer for users level 50 and above)

Get the premium event pass and earn exclusive perks in the Pikmin 4 Spaceship Decor Pikmin event challenge available from July 21 to August 13.

*You’ll get additional seasonal nectar to help you clear missions in each stage.

*Choose one Pikmin 4 Spaceship gold seedling from the seven available colors when you clear 4 stages. This is in addition to the regular rewards, and will be available for every 4 stages that you clear after the initial round

Please note that the type of extra seasonal nectars provided in the premium event pass will differ from the existing regular nectar rewards.

The premium event pass is available only to users level 50 and above and can be exchanged with coins in the shop or in the challenge list. The premium event pass will not be displayed for users level 49 and below.

Please be aware that the rewards provided by the premium event pass apply only to progress made after the pass has been purchased. Any progress or rewards acquired prior to purchasing the pass will not be eligible for the premium event pass benefits.

The Pikmin 4 Spaceship and Koppaite Space Suit Decor Pikmin will have increased strength in all mushroom battles!

During the event, the Pikmin 4 Spaceship and Koppaite Space Suit Decor Pikmin will have increased strength against all mushrooms, so they will be an essential addition to your squad!

Their enhanced strength will last until the end of the event on August 13. After that, they will have the same strength as the other Decor Pikmin.

Special mission tickets available in the shop!

Go to the shop and check out the special mission tickets available starting August 7! Complete the missions to get gold seedlings that will grow into Pikmin 4 Spaceship Decor Pikmin.

*Available in the shop until August 15, 11:59 PM

*The special missions can be cleared until September 30, 11:59 PM

*You can get multiple tickets and try multiple special missions at the same time

New Limited Event Packs!

The shop will also be stocked with limited packs available from July 21 to August 13. They are full of items to help you with the event missions!

Invite friends to get Pikmin 4 Spaceship gold seedlings!

Don’t forget you can also get Pikmin 4 Spaceship gold seedlings by inviting friends to play Pikmin Bloom from July 21 to August 13. When your friend starts playing the game using your code, you will receive a gold seedling that will grow into a red, yellow, blue, purple, white, winged, or rock Pikmin 4 Spaceship Decor Pikmin.

Play Pikmin 4 or complete the demo to get a Pikmin 4 Oatchi-Rider Costume for your Mii Make sure you don’t miss out on this unique costume! More details here.

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