The Last of Us has been an incredibly popular franchise for Naughty Dog, bringing in millions in terms of game units sold, and tons of brand-new eyes with its HBO adaptation. Whenever success of that degree happens, you can bet a copycat is going to come into play. Case in point, The Last Hope.

Anyone familiar with The Last of Us doesn’t even need to watch the above trailer for The Last Hope to see the similarities between the two franchises. The young girl in the thumbnail above looks eerily close to The Last of Us’ Ellie, and those similarities only grown when you actually watch the trailer.

From numerous settings in the game to the zombie onslaught, it’s clear the team behind The Last Hope took a heaping helping of inspiration from Naughty Dog’s franchise. That said, the quality of The Last Hope looks to be dubious at best, and few are likely to be fooled by what’s shown in the trailer.

There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by a work of art in creating your own content. That’s how pretty much every piece of art out there works. There is something wrong with basically copying the original content and slapping a new name on it. While The Last Hope won’t match The Last of Us in quality, it’s certainly trying to match plenty of other aspects, and to an uncomfortable level.


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12M ago

If I had seen this trailer without context I would've thought this was satire.