SEGA Europe releases 'Shonen' and 'Summer' Sonic merch lines

Add some Sonic style to your wardrobe

05 July 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

SEGA Europe has revealed not one, but two different lines featuring the Blue Blur, and each one will have you looking quite stylish.

First up is the Sonic ‘Shonen Range,’ which is a a genre of Japanese anime/manga typically characterized by action-filled plots. Shonen releases definitely have a unique style, and now SEGA has employed that for a series of Sonic shirts, hats, water bottles and more. You can check out the entire lineup here.


Along with that, SEGA Europe is also offering a ‘Summer’ line of Sonic merch. As you can see above, this line also includes a number of different hats, shirts, water bottles and more, but with a pink/blue/white theme. You can check out every item in the Summer line through this link.

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