Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon has been updated to Ver. 2.0.3. You can see the full patch notes for this update below.

General Changes

Mole Knight B is no longer pushed by wind.

General Bug Fixes

Fixed - unlocks and feats from defeating bosses wouldn’t trigger when fighting a Duo Duel depending on what order you defeated the bosses.

Fixed - Donovan could throw Caltrops very quickly when wearing Birder Bicorne and time would stop. Turns now happen as you throw Caltrops

Fixed - during Specter Knight’s Reverie Quest, Donovan had a missing Quandary name & descriptions when pausing.

Fixed - Softlock when Dash Slashing into a Magic Book, while using a spear attack.

Fixed - multiple instances of bosses using the wrong “warning floor” for their own attacks and deleting them when it wasn’t their turn.

Added missing SFX to Prism Knight’s Big Laser attack.

Fixed - Treasure Knight’s geyser attack would teleport Plague Knight B if he was in midair.

Fixed - player would be forever stuck inside Magic Landfill’s magic portal hazard if Speed was set to OFF.

Fixed - Clones would destroy chests or portals when using Single Glove.

Fixed - Entering a portal or Chester’s Chest from above could desync the unit directly above you.

Fixed - crash with Turkey Trays if a Turkey or Bomb was unable to spawn.

Fixed - Poison from Toad Totem Topper would pause entirely during siderooms with foes in it.

Fixed - Troupple King’s Chalices would have more than one use when playing Shuffle Knight’s Quandary Quest or Transmuting Tammie.

Fixed - Bump Buffer not taking Polar Knight A’s ability into account

Mobile Specific Changes

Fixed a crash with the equipment menu.

Fixed the equipment menu breaking when the list of items spanned multiple pages.

Fixed a hang with the gamepad rebind menu in Versus mode.

Fixed a crash with accessing the Guidebook in landscape mode.

Fixed a rare crash when turkey platters are destroyed.

Fixed a softlock when players attempted to buy an item in Chester’s shop that they couldn’t afford.

Fixed a softlock when pressing two buttons at once on the main menu.

Fixed the game sometimes crashing on Android devices when changing system settings.

Fixed the column crusher in Scrap Knight’s fight not defeating enemies when stepping over them.

Fixed the hazards in Propeller Knight’s boss fight desyncing when rotating the device.

Fixed some issues that could occur when respawning.

The “Hold to Move” option will now be grayed out and unchangeable when a controller isn’t connected.

Adjusted some HUD button layouts.

Adjusted how language priority gets updated when a user changes their preference on their Netflix account.

Fixed controller preferences not saving.

Fixed the button to reset controller bindings to the defaults not being tappable.

Fixed Shovel Knight B not canceling his drop when pressing the special button.

Fixed one of the secret Seeds not working.

Fixed the name of the Seed drawing over some dialog boxes in portrait mode.

Fixed the tap repeat option, so that it works properly now.

Fixed a few instances on some Android devices where some words would be drawn in all black.

Fixed Mr. Hat drawing over some UI elements in the Wardrobe menu.

Fixed the layout of the assets during the “level clear” sequence being misaligned.

Fixed the weekly menu to have all of its assets fit.

Fixed the “PAUSED” text for Turkish being slightly covered up by the UI.

Fixed the name of a completed quandary during the results page going off the screen in portrait mode.

Fixed Chester’s dialogue ending prematurely when navigating in his shop.

Adjusted how unit previews get drawn with the down spawner modifier.

The title graphic now updates depending on the last hub the player was in.

Leaderboards can now be scrolled through even if the player doesn’t have an entry on it.

Leaderboards now load faster.

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