For every game that makes it to retail, plenty of others never get to see the light of day. Some of those projects die in development, while others never get past the pitch phase. That’s why it’s important to have a clear vision and easy-to-understand approach when bringing your ideas to the powers that be.

One game that did get the green light and found considerable success was The Outer Worlds, which was worked on by Fallout creator Tim Cain. In a new series of videos from Cain, we get a ton of insight into not just the work that went into The Outer Worlds, but how the game got the go-ahead to begin with.

According to Cain, the goal with The Outer Worlds was to make something that would appeal to more casual players, while still retaining some of the features fans of Obsidian’s games would expect. This led to a pitch that pegged The Outer Worlds as “Fallout meets Firefly,” which ended up being the perfect label to move the game ahead.

Those who’ve played The Outer Worlds can certainly see how it relates to the Fallout series of games, albeit with a more friendly approach. On the Firefly side of things, those familiar with the “space western” know that it had a fair amount of humor mixed in with the adventures and drama, and that approach is also very present in The Outer Worlds. All in all, it seems the dev team nailed what they were aiming to achieve from the start!


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