The next physical Switch release from Limited Run Games is RiffTrax: The Game, and pre-orders are set to open on July 11th, 2023. There will be just one standard version of RiffTrax: The Game, and it’s priced at $30.

RiffTrax: The Game is a multiplayer party game where players compete to make bad movies funny. Grab your friends and make fun of some of the worst cinematic abominations ever created. RiffTrax has been bringing their comedic commentary to movies for over 15 years - now’s your chance to riff along with them! Do you have what it takes to be the next movie riffing genius?

Over 400 movie clips (and counting) from RiffTrax classics such as “Rollergator”, “Attack Of The Supermonsters”, and “Plan 9 From Outer Space”!

Play locally or battle riffers from around the world with online multiplayer matchmaking.

Featuring two exciting ways to play! Write your own riff and watch your comedy genius come to life via text-to-speech. Or leave it to the pros and choose from over 4,000 expertly crafted riffs from the RiffTrax team.

Compete head-to-head with up to 6 players using any internet connected device as controller. An additional 12 audience members can also play along.

Supports cross play and features in-game voice chat.

Streamers, get your entire chat in on the action with Twitch chat voting. Additional moderation, privacy, and content tools ensure your stream remains problem-free.

If you want to take a closer look at RiffTrax: The Game, you can find the Limited Run Games listing here.

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