Disney Illusion Island may not be the most hardcore Metroidvania out there, but it’s looks like it’s shaping up to be a pretty fun and memorable one. We’ll all find out when Disney Illusion Island comes to Switch on July 28th, 2023, but ahead of that release we’ve learned of some great features that’ll be included.

Anyone who’s played a Metroidvania over the years knows just how important the map system is. Depending on what the developers with with the game’s map, traversing the sprawling landscape can be a breeze or an absolute nightmare. Thankfully, Disney Illusion Island is adding in some features that should make playing easier than ever.

Disney Illusion Island will have some special icons for its map that will no doubt make the adventure a lot less arduous. First up is the ‘Hidizard,’ which will appear in hidden areas to let you know you’ve already explored them. Along with that is areas you can’t yet explore, which will automatically be pegged with a question mark on your map. Finally, as you gain different abilities throughout the game, your map will update with icons letting you know where those abilities can be used to progress further.

Little quality-of-life additions like these can really make for a much smoother gameplay experience, and these sound like ideas that future Metroidvania devs will be quick to employ.

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