GungHo Online Entertainment’s gum-based ninja action game Ninjala kicks off a collaboration with the hit anime Evangelion. Today through August 9, players can dress up as their favorite characters from the popular anime. All players who log in during the collaboration will receive special collab items once per day, including medals and event-exclusive Gum – don’t miss out on the Gum based on the Spear of Longinus!

Pick up cool outfits and accessories in the Shinobi Shop, test your luck with the Gumball Machine, and participate in challenges for mecha-themed goodies like:

Emotes based on iconic moments from the anime, like “A.T. Field deployed.” and “What kind of idiot are you?”

Gum Utsusemi based on the 4th and 6th Angel.

IPPON Decorations based on EVA Unit 01, the Children, and the Evangelion cockpit monitors, plus four Tournament Celebration decorations as rewards for high placements in the Evangelion Cup.

Stickers of the NERV and SEELE Logos, and five iconic EVA quotes.

Additional items, including the 4th Angel’s face accessory, a Gum Bottle with cute designs based on Evangelion units, and T-shirts based on NERV, SEELE, and WILLE.

Dress Better Than Ever

Dress the part in outfits based on the characters and mechs of Evangelion, including:

  • Shinji Ikari – Plug Suit and Uniform
  • Rei Ayanami – Plug Suit and Uniform
  • Asuka Langley-Shikinami – Plug Suit and Uniform
  • Kaworu Nagisa: Plug Suit
  • Mari Makinami: Plug Suit
  • Evangelion Unit 01
  • Evangelion Unit 00
  • Evangelion Unit 02
  • Evangelion Mk.6
  • Evangelion Unit 08
  • Misato Katsuragi

Equip collab items and enjoy battles all dressed up. Players can also receive a WILLE-themed costume by completing Shinobi Challenges.

Event Exclusive Weapon Skins

You don’t need a mecha to fight back against the Angels. Get new event-exclusive Ninja-Gums based on the weapons from Evangelion, including:

  • Tongue Gum (Spear of Longinus)
  • IPPON Gum (Knife)
  • Slash Gum (Unit 01)
  • Shinobi Gum (Unit 00)
  • Iron Gum (Unit 02)
  • Calibur Gum (Mk.6)
  • GR8 Gum (Unit 08)
  • Yo-yo Gum (NERV)
  • Battle Royale

Compete in the Evangelion Cup (Solo), an in-game tournament, on July 29 from 7:00 p.m. to July 30, 1:00 a.m. PDT. All players that compete get a NERV sticker, but only the best fighters will win a limited-edition IPPON Decoration, gold medals, and gacha coins. Players in the top 1500 will also earn a limited-edition outfit with the NERV logo.

Work Together, Win Together

A Battle Bonus will be in effect during the collab for Team Battles. Players can earn Gacha Coins, Research Points, and a collab sticker based on the number of battles they compete in during the event. Players can also receive bonuses just for logging in, including Ninja Medals and Research Points. Players that finish top 3 in the fifth round of Shinobi Challenges will earn a WILLE Logo T-shirt. There will also be a GOEMON Matsuri event during the collab that will give players 600 Jala just for logging in. Combined with the ongoing 3rd Anniversary Campaign, players can earn up to 1100 total free Jala.

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