We heard years ago that Capcom was working on the successor to Mega Man 11, yet we haven’t seen anything at all about that project. Many Blue Bomber fans have been wondering what’s going on at Capcom, and today we got the tiniest peek at what the company is up to in regards to Mega Man.

Capcom recently held their 44th general meeting for shareholders in which two separate shareholders asked about Mega Man. One person asked about what’s next for the franchise in general, while another asked about ports and collections. You can see Capcom’s answer to both questions below.

Including Mega Man 11, the latest entry in the franchise, Mega Man is one of Capcom’s historic IPs and is loved by fans, and as such we want to take care in how we develop the series. We are considering how to approach the production of new entries in the series, which requires numerous factors, including the development of a solid concept, ideas and gameplay, etc.

We are considering our approach to ports of past entries titles, which includes addressing technical issues.


A very by-the-numbers response to both questions, but at least they give a glimmer of hope for the future. For now, it’s back to crossing our fingers for the next Mega Man title being revealed in the not-too-distant future.


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