One thing Nintendo fans know about the Big N more than anything else is that the company will always forge their own path ahead. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but that fiercely independent streak is what makes Nintendo Nintendo. Turns out a former Playstation boss feels exactly the same way.

Former PlayStation Boss Jack Tretton spoke to Game Informer about a number of topics, and Nintendo popped up a handful of times. When it came to talk of the big three players, Tretton said that both Microsoft and Sony can be lumped together when it comes to business mindset, but Nintendo doesn’t fit that mold.

In particular, Tretton stated that Nintendo has always followed the beat of their own drum, and they simply can’t be accused of trying to imitate others. Tretton didn’t let on as to whether he felt this was a good or bad thing, but with the success Nintendo has seen in gaming over the last 40+ years, it’s hard to deny that the plan works for them.

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2y ago

Douglas Bowser you lil' scamp.


2y ago

Definitely true. Nintendo are pioneers!


2y ago

This is 100% true, nintendo is the best company in the world


2y ago

There's this theory that Nintendo is the Disney version of things like

1. Having characters with personality and more family oriented
2. Tend to show respect and value to their IPs
3. Prices of their products never drop due to the business psychology reasons that if they drop the price, the IP's value is potentially devalued.
4. Never intends to make sequels of certain IPs due to reasons being the IPs either don't make much value compared to the main ones or could potentially damaged the company's image.

Now I, of course, have always been a Nintendo fan and I'm with him that Nintendo is its own thing and that is the best thing for Nintendo and the industry should more often than not learn a thing or two from them.