Just a few hours ago, Devil Engine: Complete Edition was announced for Switch. This is a revamped version of the original Devil Engine, albeit with an expansion and bonus title included. While the game is set to launch Oct. 12th, 2023, it seems there’s going to be quite a bit of turmoil leading up to the release.

Qwesta, the composer for Devil Engine, has taken to Twitter to share a lengthy statement on the upcoming Complete Edition. According to Qwesta, he was not asked for permission to use his music for the Complete Edition, and the same goes for his brother, who created artwork for Devil Engine.

Publisher Beep Japan and developer Poppy Works are yet to comment on these accusations. You can read Qwesta’s full message on the matter below.

Regarding Devil Engine Complete Edition, neither my brother (the artist) nor I (the musician) were contacted about it. We did not give any of the companies profiting off of our work permission to do so.

We don’t want to be associated with Sinoc229 and we’ve made it clear to his legal team that they were more than welcome to recommission new artwork and new music. As far as I can tell, they have not replaced my brother’s art nor my music, and are simply selling it as is.

I made Devil Engine’s soundtrack when I was 19. I was still in uni. I am now 24, and while it’s been a pleasure to work on the music I’ve created since, incidents like this have forced me to realise it’s unlikely for me to have any sort of stable career in the games industry.

I don’t understand how so many companies can be allowed to profit off a work that is 66% not theirs, but any indignation or outrage I can muster aside, I’m honestly just exhausted. It’s not just what happened to me and my brother.

Stories from fellow game musicians and devs in the industry made me realise it’s commonplace for companies to just steal from creators as they please.

I’ve mostly just wanted to move on from this project and put the whole thing behind me. I’m currently in training to join the military as that’s about the only option for a career I have left available to me. I don’t have the resources or energy to hire a lawyer.

Thank you to everyone reaching out to me on this topic, I appreciate the concern. I’m sorry I just don’t have anything better to say. With any luck I have a new release to be announced soon, and I hope to continue making music when I can.

Thanks to LED-MirrorKnight for the heads up!

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