The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been available to watch from the comfort of your home for awhile now. The film saw its physical release a few weeks back, and the digital rental option popped up even earlier than that. Soon, you’ll have yet another way to watch the movie, and it’ll be the cheapest yet.

The official Twitter account for The Super Mario Bros. Movie has announced that those with a subscription to the Peacock streaming service will be able to enjoy the film starting August 3rd, 2023. Without a doubt, this will be the cheapest way yet to watch the movie, as Peacock offers a free tier. We’re not sure if the Mario movie will be gated behind one of the higher-priced tiers, but at most you’ll have to spend $5 a month to access it.

Even better, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is heading to Peacock with all of its bonus features as well. The physical release of the film included all sorts of interviews and behind-the-scenes videos, and starting August 3rd, you can also stream those at your leisure.


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