Nintendo has filed yet another new patent, and it seems this one pertains to how mini-maps are handled in games. In particular, it seems that Splatoon is the focus of this patent, although this approach to mini-maps could be used in multiple Nintendo titles.

While there’s a ton of language to sift through, it appears this mini-map approach aims to make it easier for players to understand not just their own position, but the position of helpful items and other areas of import on the map. The cameras used will shift dynamically based on moment-to-moment action, as well as with the changing areas of importance on the map.

There’s obviously a lot more to dig through with this patent, but you’ll have to get through the overly-verbose filing to glean details. You can find the full patent here.

As always, please remember that Nintendo patents don’t always end up being used in games. We’ve seen plenty of Nintendo patents get filed, yet the features discussed within never get implemented in games going forward.

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2y ago

Looks like Splatoon, so probably related to new features in Splatoon 3.


2y ago

Gotta be for Splatoon 3