Pokémon Go 'Catching Some Z's' Event Announced

Gotta catch some sleep after this

06 July 2023
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Niantic has just announced the next Pokémon GO event. Ahead of the release of Pokémon Go Plus +, the Catching Some Z’s event will allow you to enjoy your new device while catching new Pokémon and some well earned rest.

This event runs from July 15th at 10:00 to July 16th at 20:00 local time and introduces Komala into the game, the perfect candidate for the device’s new options and for the theming of the event!

The Pokémon that will show up are all after the theme as well and Serebii has compiled them for you. You can read these below:

  • Jigglypuff, Abra, Drowzee, Snorlax, Mareep, Teddiursa, Slakoth, Wooloo, Munna and Komala will spawn in the wild.
  • Abra, Galarian Slowpoke, Drowzee will be in 1 Star raids.
  • Gloom, Snorlax, Delcatty and Swadloon will be in 3 Star Raids.
  • Regieleki will be in 5 Star Raids.
  • All players will get a Snorlax Night Cap for free and a Snorlax Onesie will be available in the game store.

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