Garlic plants itself on the Switch today

Wario is going to be SO jealous

07 July 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Today indie publisher Ratalaika Games and France indie developer Sylph announce the release of Garlic, a hot and tasty retro inspired platformer, on Switch. The star and central character is aptly named Garlic, but better known to his friends as ‘Onion Boy Head’ - a brave and fearless veggie, and just a smidge nasty, who wants to climb the sacred tower to meet the Cyber Goddess!

Garlic presents endless challenges with platforming, evasive action, jumping, and confrontations are the order of the day, as you would expect. Complemented with a compendium of mini-games, 12 zones, containing nine levels, plus one special boss, marks this as one feast of action. Garlic coins, tons of enemies with some neat variations of environments for each zone keeps interest high.

As a precision platformer game, this game features an eight direction dash, but also a super dash you can perform by slamming floors, walls, and even ceilings !! Allow you to do some crazy moves but it’s pretty dangerous… use it wisely!

There’s also a selection of minigames to enjoy and a timerush mode to replay levels to test your skills as a speedrunner!

Finally, a way to enjoy Garlic without the bad breath!

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