Swords & Bones 2 takes a stab at Switch today

We hear its a skeleTON of fun

07 July 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

RedDeer.Games, developer and publisher, specializing in Nintendo Switch games, announced the release of Swords & Bones 2 – a sequel to a retro platformer set in the fantasy world. The game is priced at $10 and takes up 60 MB of space.

Face the darkness again and bring the light back into the kingdom of Gaudia. Swords & Bones 2 is a continuation of an action-adventure RPG game with the spirit of the tremendous 16-bit classics from the 80s and 90s.

Jump into the story with Beatrice, filled with traps, magic, and deadly monsters. Try the new parry mechanics while using Shields and challenge yourself in 50 action-packed levels full of adventures.

Completing all the levels will be quite a challenge, so make the best use of the weapons and upgrades available in the store.

Moreover, before each level you will be able to choose the most suitable spell from a wide range of possibilities. Each of them works differently, but you can choose only one for each level, so think carefully about your choice, and choose the best of them.

Swords & Bones 2 is already available to be added to eShop Wishlist, and at the launch, will be with a special Owner Discount for first Swords & Bones part holders.

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