Looking for some billiards action on Switch? Why not check out 8 Ball Clash, which is heading to the system on April 21st, 2022.

8 Ball Clash offers all sorts content for you to enjoy, from the solids and stripes classic mode to challenge mode featuring events in Barcelona, Indonesia, London, Mexico, Moscow, Paris, Rio, Sydney, Tokyo and Las Vegas. There’s also more than 40 customized cues to pick from, so you can show of your style and skill at the same time!

8 Ball Clash takes up 256 MB and is priced at $4.


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2y ago

I just checked the price and it's €4 in Europe. It's not bad, but you can get pool games on your phone for free that have big online communities. I don't know if you can play people online in this, it doesn't say anything about it on the game's page on Nintendo's site.