If you’re a Just Dance fan, you know that playing on Switch is the way to go. The system has built-in motion sensing controllers that are perfect for handheld play, and Just Dance makes great use of them. Other platforms require the use of a mobile app to somewhat replicate the experience. Well, at least that’s how things were until one super-smart fan stepped in.

Reddit user Redphx has spent some free time coming up with what he’s calling the JoyDance, a tool that lets you play Just Dance on the Playstation, Xbox, or Stadia with the Joy-Con. As long as you have access to the Joy-Con and a few other tidbits, you can run through the steps of this tool to get a much better motion-controlled dancing experience!

Here’s what’s absolutely necessary to get things up-and-running.

  • PC/Mac/Linux with bluetooth support.
  • Python 3.7+ and pip installed.
  • 1 to 6 Joy-Cons.

Here’s some other elements that aren’t necessary, but are suggested.

  • Bluetooth dongle
  • update Joy-Con to the latest firmware & calibrate the motion sensors

If that sounds doable for you, you can find the complete instructions and all the pieces/parts you’ll need right here.

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