As the souls of the fallen threaten to throw the gods adrift, a guide reaches out to lead them back to the Battleground. The Season of Souls is live now, and Charon, The Ferryman, is pulling into port soon.

The Greek underworld is a labyrinthian location that plays a pivotal role in the tales of some of SMITE’s most beloved gods. What better way to dive back into such a thrilling and intriguing setting than alongside the one who knows all its twists and turns from Elysium to Tartarus – Charon.

The Ferryman is responsible for transporting souls across the five rivers of Hades, delivering them to their final resting place depending on their actions during life. However, not just anyone is welcome on the barge of the damned – a payment of one coin would be required, which was brought with the soul to the afterlife should they have received a proper funeral.

As a child of two primordial deities, Charon’s duty is eternal, yet he performs it without complaint. He works closely alongside the other chthonic gods to ensure order, and without him, the underworld would surely fall into chaos. Though the ever-dutiful Charon is well-respected amongst the gods, he is not typically the star of the show: often playing a supporting role in the background of some of the most popular Greek myths, including that of Odysseus, Theseus, and many others.

After the upheaval of the Season of Souls, is it only fitting that Charon must emerge from the depths of the underworld to finish what has been started. He will not stand idly by as the mortal realms are haunted by malefic spirits and ghastly ghouls

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