Get a look at Nintendo's employee-only museum circa 2006

Here's your virtual employee day pass

07 July 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Depending on how deep your knowledge of Nintendo goes, you might know that the company has an employee-only museum set up at their headquarters. Only a select few have ever walked the aisles of this museum, but thanks to a new video, we can now all virtually do so.

The video above shows off Nintendo’s employee-only museum, which serves as a time capsule for all sorts of Nintendo games, merch and more. There’s a catch with this video though, as it shows the layout of Nintendo’s museum as it was back in 2006.

Everyone knows things have changed in many considerable ways for Nintendo since 2006, but it’s still nice to take a look back at Nintendo’s earlier years. 2006 was the year Nintendo unleashed the Wii, and little did they know how much that platform would change their future!

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11M ago

It's like what we game collectors are aspiring to build in our own basements. :D What a great little museum, though.

But rather questionable camera work. I swear, it was such random things the guy kept zooming in on.