We had another 3-man podcast this week, and it turned out to be a pretty great one! Lots of laughs, plenty of speculation on what’s next after Switch, and a rousing round of podcast music trivia!

Thanks to Donut Muffin for putting together this week’s timestamps!

0:00:32 Intro

0:00:40 Arctozolt Description

0:02:49 Pod Came Early

0:03:06 Hello to Our Discord

0:03:35 Crew’s Here?

0:05:26 Candy Discussion

0:10:32 Superstitions Discussion

0:13:30 Threads Discussion

0:20:33 Onto the News

0:22:35 Zelda’s Top Devs Explain Why They Enjoy Sticking with the Series

0:28:54 RUMOR: Dev Kits for the Switch Successor Being Sent Out

0:37:09 Japan’s Top 20 Most Downloaded Switch Games, June 2023

0:39:50 Nintendo’s Live-Action Mascot Commercials Nearly Caused One Actor to Drown

0:46:01 Europe’s Top 15 Switch eShop Downloads, June 2023

0:49:15 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Booster Course Pass: Wave 5 Arrives July 12

0:51:28 North American Switch eShop Releases

1:00:36 European Switch eShop Releases

1:03:09 MLB The Show ‘23 is North America’s Next Switch Online Free Game Trial

1:05:15 Switch Sees Best-Ever June Sales in Japan

1:08:36 Yuji Naka Receives 4-Year Suspended Sentence for Insider Trading

1:13:37 Japan’s Best-Selling Retail Games for the First Half of 2023 Revealed

1:20:29 What MomBrain Played

1:21:15 What Deux Played

1:29:57 What RMC Played

1:39:12 Podcast Question

1:45:12 Patron Question

1:45:12 Music Trivia

2:06:38 Deux’s Views: Rumor of the Week

2:07:52 Outro

2:09:24 Aftershow

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