Fashion Dreamer is a brand new game where you’ll be able to design, share and make your dream style. The game was previously announced for Switch, but thanks to the recent Nintendo Direct, we learned it’ll launch in Japan on Nov. 2nd, 2023. The game is also heading worldwide this year, but no specific date has been given.

A new clip has surfaced. This one, in particular, gives you a peak at how you can create your own brand. First, you start by designing a logo for your brand. After that, you design your very own clothing line. Finally, you’ll showcase your creations in the showroom.

The Pop Up Area is where all the trends of the virtual world, Eve, gather. There, you can check out the latest trends and find some pretty trendy items. If you’re new and don’t know where to start, it’s a good idea to check out the Pop Up Area first!


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