An update is available for Dordogne. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

General fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to clip through the ground when obtaining a collectible, ensuring a more consistent gameplay experience.
  • Resolved a sound problem when changing the window focus during a cinematic, preventing audio disruptions.
  • Overhauled various animations to enhance their quality, readability, and to eliminate instances of clipping, resulting in smoother visuals.
  • Addressed multiple sound issues to ensure that all audio cues are played at the correct timing, enhancing overall immersion.
  • Made changes to a shader to eliminate one-sided textures and improve depth of certain elements, enhancing visual fidelity.
  • Fixed a critical issue that prevented camera clips from attaching and blocked player progress, ensuring a seamless gameplay flow.
  • Improved and overhauled shaders and visual effects (VFX) for better overall quality and optimised framerate, enhancing visual experience.
  • Rectified camera issues that occurred when leaving the game at specific moments, improving transitions and player control.
  • Resolved language issues with Mimi, ensuring she now speaks exclusively in the language chosen in the options, without occasional English dialogue.
  • Prevented Mimi from interacting with her surroundings while reading a Letter, using the Phone, or during a loading screen, reducing distractions.

Quality of Life:

  • Enhanced mini games, such as breakfast and garden activities, by adding shadows under objects to improve spatial readability and provide a more immersive environment.
  • Rearranged the order of collectibles in the Binder to align with their appearance sequence in each chapter, enhancing organisation and progression tracking.
  • Added arrows around written and audio language options to indicate available choices. As a reminder, there are 14 written and 7 audio languages to choose from!
  • Improved the user interface (UI) when reading Letters, enhancing readability, and making it more intuitive.
  • Improved the Phone interface by allowing one to scroll through texts without spamming the down direction with the joystick.
  • Addressed a previous issue that caused Phone conversations, especially with Fabrice, to end prematurely.
  • This improvement further develops the relationship between Mimi and her father.
  • Introduced additional interactive elements in the garden and Renaud’s lair to enhance environmental storytelling and immersion.
  • Increased font size to improve text readability, ensuring a more comfortable reading experience on small screens.
  • Added Binder and Phone tasks to provide more explicit guidance to players and help them progress in the intended direction.

Platform Specifics: Nintendo Switch

  • Improved texture quality on some objects.

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