The Final Fantasy series first came onto the scene back in 1987. Oddly enough, Squaresoft envisioned Final Fantasy being their last game, as the company was struggling to find success up to that point. Instead, Final Fantasy ended up becoming an absolute massive hit that saved the company, and it continues to bring in big sales to this day

With Final Fantasy XVI just releasing, Square Enix has updated the total sales for the franchise. Since launch in 1987 to now, the Final Fantasy franchise has managed to amass 180 million units sold. That’s a staggering number that shows just how popular the Final Fantasy series has managed to become in the last four decades.

There’s no doubt many more years of Final Fantasy ahead, and million of satisfied customers to come. Hopefully some of those future numbered entries come over to Nintendo’s side of things!

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10M ago

And I am so getting FF16 tomorrow.... Just don't tell my backlog!