Chickip Dancers: Norinori Dance de Kokoro mo Odoru, which was previously announced for Switch, has now been given a Japanese release date. This dance and mini-games party game will launch for Switch on July 14th, 2022, and is priced at 6,380 yen.

For more details on what Chickip Dancers: Norinori Dance de Kokoro mo Odoru has to offer, check out the recap below.

High-Energy Dancing with the Chickip Dancers

In the game’s main Dance Mode, you will dance by copying the dance moves of Hone Chicken and Skip Gaeru-sensei while swinging the Joy-Cons. Ten dance songs with different tempos and choreography are available.

Memorable Scenes from the Anime Become Fun Mini-Games

Ten mini-games based on the anime episodes are available. Choose your favorite character and dive into the world of the anime. All 10 mini-games are easy to play and support up to four players, so you can enjoy playing with friends and family.

Dance, Play, and Break a Sweat

Break a sweat in Exercise Mode, which features Dance Mode and Mini-Games Mode games one after the other. Stay active by playing it everyday!

Use Chickip Medals to Collect Various Items

Earn “Chickip Medal” based on your results in Dance Mode, Mini-Games Mode, and Exercise Mode, then use them to draw for character accessories and jigsaw puzzle pieces, or exchange them for new wallpaper and floor patterns for Dance Mode scenes. The more you play, the livelier it gets!

From Hone Chicken and Skip Gaeru-sensei, the Gang is All Here

The Chickip Dancers you know from the anime are all here in the game, complete with voice-overs from their original actors including Natsuki Hanae (Hone Chicken, Skip Gaeru-sensei, etc.) and Yui Ishikawa (Ringo Ame, Dango, etc.).

Hone Chicken Skip Gaeru-sensei Gyuunyuu Ice Kushikatsu Ringo Ame Kochicken Dango Mizu to Abura no Yousei Nankotsu

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