Spoonful of Wonder has announced that they’re bringing the narrative-driven game ‘Copycat’ to Switch in November 2023. There’s no word on price or file size at this time.

Copycat is a narrative-driven indie game that’s perfect to cuddle up with on a rainy afternoon. It is an intimate, magical and hopeful Australian story that cherishes the human-pet bond in all its forms. The game’s colorful visuals delight the senses while exploring dark emotional depths.

We follow the tale of Dawn, a skeptical shelter cat who would much rather be in the wild than be readopted again. Dawn actually believes she is a wild cat. And plans on escaping as soon as she gets the chance.

Dawn has second thoughts when she meets new owner Olive, a lonely older Aussie mourning the disappearance of her beloved furry companion. Together Dawn and Olive develop an intimate friendship, as two broken hearts mend one another and learn to beat as one.

Everything changes when Olive falls ill, and a stray copycat steals Dawn’s place in the home—forcing Dawn onto the streets.

Wander alleyways, fences and rooftops as you learn about the true meaning of home. The reflective pacing of the game allows you the opportunity to indulge in the emotions of love, loneliness and letting go as you progress throughout the story.

Copycat is fully voice acted, featuring hours of dialogue and a talented voice cast. Original music score by Daniel Bunting. Snuggle up with your kitty and wishlist Copycat today.

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