Paddle into Battle as New God Charon in SMITE

Climbing aboard in SMITE today

11 July 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Today in SMITE’s latest update, players embark with the new God Charon—in the literal sense—as he joins the fights on his legendary boat!

Earlier in June, Charon’s influence had plunged the Conquest Map into the Greek Underworld launching the Season of Souls. Now the fearsome Ferryman is here in person to guide allies and enemies alike to their final rest.

In Greek mythology, Charon is the Ferryman, a hooded wraith guiding the souls of the dead through the River Styx in the Underworld. In SMITE, no God can force Charon to disembark. Always on his boat, the new Guardian magically glides over and through the battleground while using his large oar for basic attacks.

Charon is relentless in performing his eternal task: collecting the souls of dead mortals. And so in SMITE he picks up the spirits of slain minions. Their final destination? Charon’s base, where he delivers them and converts them into health.

Charon’s link with the Styx allows him to pluck souls from it and project them. Best of all, he can summon the entire Underworld river to create a huge tidal wave. The Styx can break across the full length of the battleground thanks to its global range – a rare perk.

As an aggressive Guardian, Charon can deal some decent damage while applying a large variety of crowd controls – silencing, slowing, rooting, and even fearing enemies with the Styx. His recommended items include Gladiator’s Shield and Stone of Binding.

Do you think you can be one of the first 10 players to reach Diamond mastery level with Charon? Then hurry and join the free-for-all community contest happening right now to win the exclusive ‘Speedrunner’ player title!

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