Fan-made video reimagines Mass Effect as a GBA title

I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite GBA game

20 April 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Nintendo fans have had just one, brief taste of the Mass Effect franchise with Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U. While it was a good port, it’s sad to say Nintendo fans have been left in the dust with this franchise. While we’re unlikely to see any other Mass Effect games on Switch, at least we can enjoy the above ‘demake’ idea.

What if instead of on the PS3/360/PC, the original Mass Effect saw release on the GBA? That’s exactly what the video above aims to do, and to tell the truth, the game looks absolutely fantastic. The run-and-gun gameplay is exchanged for Advance Wars-style action, and it does seem like a great fit for the humble portable.

Seeing things like this makes you wish a portable Mass Effect entry came along at some point! It’s always fun to see unique twists on established franchises, especially when they’re working with lesser hardware.

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2y ago

Great mixup with Mass Effect. Well thought of the moves that fit the ME universe. Great art & animations. Shame it's owned by EA, I really would like to play this, even co-develop on this.