Super Animal Royale has officially crossed a huge milestone of 10 million unique players and is celebrating with its largest seasonal update yet. Season 8 makes a splash with the Super Sea Land map expansion and the game’s first fully aquatic Super Animals: Super Fish and Super Dolphins. It also packs in portable ziplines, the island’s first laser gun, improved melee mechanics and more.

A raft of new updates awaits in Season 8, kicking off with a three-week event:

It’s Super Summer Royale on the island until August 1: collect fruit to trade in for eight new exclusive rewards and 17 refreshing legacy items from previous years.

Two new summer Super Animal breeds also arrive in the Research Labs: the Super Apricat and Super Banana Dog.

Super Fish and Dolphins join the legged fight on land as the first aquatic Super Animals, with 11 total breeds to unlock between them.

The Super Sea Land map update is the largest in years and provides three new points of interest to explore: the Super Animal Bay Aquarium, Sea Land Nautitorium amphitheater and the Sea Legs restaurant, connected by permanent ziplines to ride.

Need a less permanent transport option? Zip-and-Go portable ziplines can be found during matches and deployed anywhere to bridge gaps and create new paths.

Connect your lines with other players’ lines for custom, extended lines.

The new Superite Laser gun is a whole new category of charge-up light machine guns with a frenzied firing speed that is offset by high recoil and limited range.

Melee mechanics have been overhauled with new animations and a three-strike sequence that culminates in a wider-range final attack.

The Sea Legs Animal Pass celebrates the uncanny miracle of upright marine life, with 49 tiers of seaworthy items including the Mini Otter pet, Sip emote, Oasis Photo Booth scene and a flotilla of Super Sea Land swag.

Animal Passes in Super Animal Royale never expire so players can keep working on passes from previous seasons alongside the current season, but purchasing the pass during its season provides a discounted price of 550 S.A.W. Tickets.

The Season 8 Starter Pack DLC features the new Super Cartoon Fennec Fox breed, Cartoon Suspenders, Ink Nib Pen melee weapon, 600 SAW Tickets, and is available until the end of the season.

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