Among Us has been updated to v2023.7.11. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Fun Stuff

Last update, we brought you a brand new hub in the form of our new main menu! The changes to our look and UI continue with our brand new Quick Chat!

The old radial wheel is gone and now we have a Quick Chat Builder which slides out from the right side of your screen! See phrases you use regularly? Want easy access to ‘yeet’ ? That’s where the new favorite option comes in.

Other features of the new Quick Chat include:

  • Refined categories
  • More remarks and phrases
  • Color coded Crewmate names
  • A nice little visual bounce when the Quick Chat Builder opens

Our UI expert, Lucy worked really hard to redesign Quick Chat to be more user friendly and make accusing your friends a breeze. Before you start chatting away, let’s take a look at what else is going on!

Ghostface is Back!

They’re baaaaaaaaack. Ghostface has made a reappearance in Among Us. Check out the details here!

And of course, we have some other fixes coming your way during this update.

Patch Notes

  • Fixes for various achievements
  • Fix for various cosmetics
  • Map can now be opened with a controller if the chat menu is open during an Emergency Meeting
  • [PS4] Virtual Keyboard no longer crashes game when opening
  • [PS4/5] Names of blocked players are no longer visible in the friends list if they are blocked on PSN
  • [Switch] A green dot no longer appears in the middle of the main menu after leaving a local lobby
  • [XBOX] Crewmate list now opens after pressing the View button

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