Jackbox Games just announced two more games joining The Jackbox Party Pack 10 this fall during IGN’s Showcase stream.

Joining Tee K.O. 2 and FixyText in The Jackbox Party Pack 10, Timejinx is for 1-8 players who want to battle it out to see who’s the least bad at knowing our timeline. Players will play the role of a time traveler who meets up with their ragtag group of friends for trivia night at the residence of our acerbic host, Jerri Rigg. Throughout the course of the wild night players will be tasked to blend into random parties from different decades, navigate their way through a time loop, save a real historical figure from their evil imposter and more.

The next game to join Jackbox Games’ tenth party pack is Hypnotorious. This is a game for 4 to 8 players where you and fellow players take part in a virtual stage show where the host, a mysterious hypnotist, mesmerizes you, and then gives you a character to play. So thoroughly do you take on this new persona, that when he asks you a question, you will answer as that character!

Each player will be keeping their characters somewhat secret because the game is all about deducing each other’s identities. Once players answer their questions, you’ll each try to group up based on perceived similarities. The players that group up accurately, score a lot of points, so talking it out is key. But beware as there is one amongst you who does not fit in at all! They are The Outlier. If you want to score big points, you’ll need to identify the Outlier before it’s too late. And the kicker is, The Outlier doesn’t know they’re The Outlier, so they’ll be trying to figure it out like everyone else.

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