Japan-based indie game publisher DANGEN Entertainment has announced two new Switch titles at BitSummit Let’s Go!! 2023, and you can get details on both below.

Pry Into The Void (coming to Switch in 2024)

Pry Into The Void is a bleak RPG where the player must pry into the hearts of monsters, converse with their souls, and navigate challenging moral dilemmas to recruit them as allies in order to exploit enemy weaknesses. Inspired by the Shin Megami Tensei series, it is the first entry in Project: Retched Garden, a collection of monster-taming RPGs where the world dies and the flowers scream.

In a world of decay, you play as Josef, a young man who has been thrust into the depths of the Void to defeat the vile being that has been draining the world of its life. With the ability to pry into the hearts of monsters, he must gain allies who will assist him on his descent. Players experience a branching narrative that seeks to explore the personal morals of in-game characters and their own. How will their decisions affect how Josef sees the world?


Engage in a challenging and rewarding turn-based combat system where you build the perfect party composition and exploit enemy weaknesses and status conditions, inspired by games such as Shin Megami Tensei and Pokemon.

Converse, negotiate and solve moral dilemmas with the souls of monsters to recruit them – a unique scenario for each monster!

Follow a bleak and depraved story that will challenge the way you think about each character. Make choices to affect how you see these characters. Can you truly judge a person as binary good or evil?

Discover multiple endings as you pry your way into the Void. The path to your ending will depend on your own personal morals.

Replay the game in Blind Prophet Mode, a mode that makes the game more difficult with more permanent gameplay decisions – inspired by popular rules for other monster-taming games (e.g. Nuzlocke).

Rock out to key music tracks composed and produced by Jun Mitsui.

RoadOut (Coming to Switch in 2024)

RoadOut is a post-apocalyptic action adventure that mixes dungeon exploration and racing mechanics. Explore a vast post-apocalyptic world in your car, then battle your way through puzzle-filled dungeons on foot. You’re Claire, a mercenary for hire who survives by executing delivery, sabotage and murder contracts for local leaders. Explore a vast, battered world known as The Dead Zone, work for hire, thrash rival gangs, and participate in deadly races for glory. With inspirations from The Legend of Zelda, GTA and Rock’n Roll Racing, RoadOut has a rich story full of surprises, missions and rip-roaring races.

After a great cataclysm, what’s left is a post-post-apocalyptic world dominated by an A.I. with rebel groups that take refuge in a desert area known as The Dead Zone.

Claire survives in this world by executing black market contracts for local leaders involving delivery, sabotage and murder. The Dead Zone, now not so dead, is occupied by three rival factions: The Wasteheads, The SaibaKuran, and Order of the New Code.

While investigating her past, Claire uncovers strange evidence that links her existence to the origin of the A.I…

Explore a Battered World on Wheels

The world is no longer the same. All that remains is The Dead Zone, a large artificial biome created to sustain a new era of humanity. Drive through The Dead Zone doing jobs, getting paid and running roughshod over the scum guarding the secrets of the world. Join factions, fight rival gangs, barter items and take up quests to earn clout while progressing Claire’s story.

Twin Stick Combat and Dungeon Exploration

Exit your ride and explore locations in the world of RoadOut on foot. Crush bandits with short and long range attacks, block with your shield, and recover using drugs that you’ve crafted on the way. Solve puzzles using fully rotatable stack sprite perspectives that look 2D, but are actually 3D.

Body Mods and Cybernetics

Craft new moves, weapons and drugs to survive. You can customize Claire with body mods, cybernetics and an intricate skill tree system. Upgrade her car to traverse different terrain and withstand the effects of weather, night and day.

Battle in Your Bitchin’ Ride

Equipped with weapons and other tech, Claire’s car is your best friend against dangers in The Dead Zone. Hungry animals are ready to rip you apart. Murderous bandits will rob your lifeless corpse. Prepare for the worst with your car and its arsenal of weapons.

Race for Glory

The world may have come to an end, but who said we can’t have fun? Ride or die in red-hot races to be the best on the post apocalyptic circuit. 10 tracks in multiple biomes, innumerable races, all of them equal measures deadly and glorious. Indulge in extra game modes such as destruction derby-style racing and twisted battle arena, all while roading out to a thumping synthwave soundtrack.

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