WrestleQuest is certainly a game about wrestling, but it’s also one that old-school RPG fans will be able to appreciate. Mixing classic genre tropes with the larger-than-life feeling of pro wrestling should make for an RPG experience both familiar, yet wholly unique.

A lot of that fun will come from the real-life pro wrestlers you’ll find in the game. In an interview with Polygon, Mega Cat founder James Deighan talked about how his indie studio found common ground with many wrestlers, as they too started out on an indie circuit before hitting the bigtime.

“Almost every wrestler in the game had to have their own indie circuit [wrestling] start. In many cases, these folks are in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. And they don’t know what indie games are, but they definitely know what indie wrestling is. I think some of them felt like they were also propping us up, and being a part of that kind of journey, because they knew that this was a big risk for the team and a true love letter. A lot of times, it inspired some unique conversations with them, sharing their own issues they had in their journey, when they were on the come-up, which is pretty relatable.”

[Mega Cat founder James Deighan]

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