Super Robot Wars 30 update version 1.30 is now available, which included new content and fixes. Check out the full patch notes below.

  • Added Extra Chapters (area missions for all six chapters)
  • Added Grungust recruitment area mission: “The Hyper Fighter”
  • Added Van Ein recruitment area mission: “The Crossover Door Unlocked”
  • Added expansion area mission 1: “The Door Opens”
  • This area mission is included in the Expansion Pack.
  • This area mission is available even to players who have not purchased the Expansion Pack.
  • Only Chapter 1: “The Door Opens” is available to players who have not purchased the Expansion Pack. Subsequent area missions will be unavailable.
  • Clearing expansion area mission 1, “The Door Opens”, will NOT give you access to any new units or pilots.
  • Upon clearing expansion area mission 1, “The Door Opens”, new pilots featured in the mission will be added to the Library, but their robots will not be added.
  • The following limited release missions have been unlocked:
  • Cybaster recruitment area mission: “The Elemental Lord”
  • SRX recruitment area mission: “Spirit of Steel”
  • Special release missions: “Spirit of the Blade,” “Spirit of the Shot,” and “Spirit of Power”
  • Players who have already unlocked or completed these missions cannot unlock or play them again.
  • Text amendments
  • Additional stability improvements

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