Eastasiasoft Limited, publishers of the popular Mugen Souls and Rainbow Skies series, and 2P Games are proud to announce that their retro-style turn-based strategy game, Chaos Galaxy is available now on Nintendo Switch for $19.99, £17.99 and €19.99 with an additional 15% launch discount.

Created by solo developer Han Zhiyu, Chaos Galaxy promises an immersive sci-fi experience filled with thrilling battles, captivating storytelling, and endless exploration that pays homage to genre classics such as Advance Wars, Super Robot Wars and Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Set in the distant Galactic Empire that ruled the galaxy for one thousand years has collapsed under a sudden impact of aliens. Now ravaged by civil war, countless heroes have set foot on the road to conquer three thousand worlds of the galaxy. Amidst this chaotic war, a greater threat to the galaxy looms in the distance…

Choose from four major fleets of the Galactic Empire, with 14 different factions at play, ranging from pirates, mercenaries, trader guilds, assassins, and more. Each faction has a completely different background story, characteristic arms, and policy tree.

There are more than 100 kinds of mecha and warships to choose from, with dozens of weapons and unit skills available, as well as more than 60 commanders with their own unique stories and skill sets. Revive the Empire or overthrow it! Establish a new church rule! Or program A.I to destroy mankind! The future of the galaxy is up to you!

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