• First you had the demo, now it’s the full game! Oh my!
  • Data Chips drops from enemies and bosses are now enabled, as these were disabled for demo builds.
  • Hard Mode is now available. Modifies enemy health, damage player takes, as well as boss behavior. Demo previously only had easy and normal modes.
  • Game now asks for player’s language at boot up. The selection is saved, so it won’t be shown on subsequent boots. However, it can be forced to be shown by holding the burst or hookshot buttons during the game’s initial splash screens. Language can also be changed in the options menu.
  • Other stuff. Play the game to find out!


  • More actions can be cancelled more smoothly, or actions that were not cancellable before now are.
  • Divekick (down+attack in air) now moves faster (both horizontally and vertically)
  • Divekick (down+attack in air) can now be cancelled by pressing jump. This can be done once per-jump even if player has no double jump available. This is so to give a way to prevent accidents if you accidentally perform a divekick in a situation you didn’t mean to. If a double jump chip is equipped, player can gain sprinting speed by holding down the sprint button before hitting the jump button.
  • Can retain sprinting speed from divekick (down+attack in air) by holding the sprint button upon landing, or hitting an enemy/object.
  • Burst knockback (the state in which Kai does a backwards flip, after things Flying Strike hitting an enemy), this state can now be cancelled to a Burst Technique.
  • Said burst knockback can also now be cancelled with a jump immediately. Player can gain sprinting speed by holding down the sprint button before hitting the jump button.
  • Can now jump or drop out of ledge-grab-jab before the attack finishes. – When a boss is struck by a Burst Technique, the next hit (so long it’s not the same Burst Technique) is guaranteed to not cause the boss to become invulnerable (unless the hit puts the boss below the thresold to enter next phase).
  • Other various adjustments to how boss invulnerabilities work, that can be elaborated on at a later time.
  • When grabbing an enemy or object mid-air, player’s double jump actions are refeshed.
  • You can now weave Kai left/right after throwing an object, instead of being forced into a fixed trajectory. “Start stage from beginning” option now always visible in pause menu, when available.
  • If speedrun timer is enabled via options, restarting from beginning of the level or checkpoint now doesn’t have the “yes/no” pop-up.


  • Chain Booster chip has been nerfed: Instead of always giving your hookshot +1dmg for a total of 2dmg, the chip now gives +1 against regular enemies, and +0.5 against bosses. “Half-pip” damage is signified by a fractured hp bit in the boss’ health bar. The original values as seen in the demo may have been a tad too strong, so that’s why this path was taken.
  • Chain Dasher chip has been buffed: The dash attack from this chip is now significantly faster, making it more useful. It can be further buffed by equipping the Chain Booster chip.
  • Levels now have stage-specific goals for kills to get max score (1000). The kill count to aim for is displayed on mission complete screen.
  • Health Pickups now have slightly bigger boxes, making them easier to pick up with attacks/hookshot.
  • Clone Array Burst Technique now doesn’t drain up as quickly when hitting enemies or bosses.

VISUALS (between demo and full release)

  • Some added visual flair to Power Plant (Cable) and Steelworks (Ray) stages.
  • Kai’s portrait in equip screen of the pause menu touched up a bit.


  • Fixed a bug where an electrified floor in Power Plant stage would become “stuck” and never re-electrify if you reloaded from a checkpoint at a certain time.
  • Fixed an issue where hookshot could cancel actions like Burst Techniques prematurely.
  • Shielded Virus Soldiers: An issue where they stopped tracking player position after shield was bounced off has been fixed.
  • Money spawns from pickup boxes: There was a bug that made money boxes drop less money than intended.
  • Sprite overlay issue on Kai: When doing a walking jab, then pressing attack to queue a new attack, and then jumping, Kai would get a black overlaid sprite on his jumping animation. Issue has been fixed.
  • Spikey (enemy): Fixed incorrect sprite offset value fixed when Heavenly Piledriving them.
  • Surface sweeper (enemy, all versions): Incorrect sprite offset value fixed when Heavenly Piledriving them.
  • Fix crashing issues if player’s save data files have become corrupted.
  • Other crashes and bugs present in the demo should all be accounted for, and fixed for full game.


  • There are certain slowdown issues when playing the game on Switch, particularly during the game’s latter levels (dipping from 60fps to ~50fps). We’re actively looking into improving the game’s performance, so we ask for your patience and understanding in this matter.
  • For those releases with Korean localization available (consoles, Stove on PC), Korean text has been found to have incorrect spacing in various places. We apologize to any Korean players for this, and are working with the corresponding people to have these localization issues fixed.
  • During the tutorial if the game language is set to Japanese, the prompts explaining running controls do not show the buttons in the hint box. This is due to a slight error in the localization files for Japanese.
  • If player dies, and then during that death animation the boss dies, the game can become softlocked – requiring a restart. The issue has been identified and will be fixed in next version.
  • During a certain boss fight, if attacking the boss at specific times, their health bar can appear to have more health than what the boss actually has. This is purely visual and the game corrects this boss health display when you keep hitting the boss when this occurs.

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