Radiant Tale 'Vilio' trailer

Say hello to Vilio

13 July 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

As we’ve previously covered, the otome title Radiant Tale is launching for Switch on July 27th. In this heartwarming and colorful adventure, Tifalia joins a motley band of circus performers tasked with bringing joy back to the kingdom.

Today brings us a look at Vilio, a hapless go-getter that is supposed to be the main act of CIRCUS – but this reckless dragon would rather be silly than steal the show.

Tifalia’s comfortable life is turned upside down when a dragon crash-lands right into her! This triggers her first encounter with CIRCUS, a performance troupe that travels around the world to save their crown prince. After a dismal failure of a performance, CIRCUS discovers that Tifalia might be able to help them and recruit her to act as producer for their dysfunctional group. Will they master the ring? Or just continue to be mediocre?

A crazy dragon who’s more silly than scary, a prickly clown who won’t make you laugh, a mysterious conductor who doesn’t want to use water magic, an acrobat who doesn’t know how to entertain, a drunkard fur ball, an unmotivated leader, and an amateur producer who just joined… Will they ever be able to perform for a crowd and bring down the house? Or will they remain a 3-ring circus?

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