For decades now, a tale has been told about the launch of the first Final Fantasy. Legend has it that Squaresoft was on the verge of dying as a company, and Final Fantasy got its name due to Squaresoft fearing their future in game development was coming to a close. Now we know that’s not the case, and the truth is much more mundane.

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has shed some light on the Final Fantasy name in honor of the franchise’s 35th anniversary, and now we know how it really came to be. According to Sakaguchi, the name was simply inspired by the name Fighting Fantasy.

Sakaguchi stated that fans of Dragon Quest in Japan were shorting the game’s name to Drakue, and the Final Fantasy team wanted to ensure their game would be shortened to something as well. They wanted a shorter nickname that used the Roman alphabet, which led to the decision of FF.

At this time, the team was still intending to go with Fighting Fantasy, but they found out it was already trademark. Thus, the team pivoted to Final Fantasy and the rest is history.

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11M ago

A video game urban legend crumbles!

It's fun to hear the real story after all these years. But there are a lot of Youtube videos that probably won't correct themselves.


10M ago

They were lucky Fighting Fantasy was taken already.


10M ago

This is an obvious lie. The original story is still the real deal. I'll explain after I find my tinfoil hat!


10M ago

Aw man that's disappointing, but rather have the truth.