Our last official update on Sonic Frontiers showed that the game has moved 3.5 million units worldwide since launch. There’s no doubt hundreds of thousands of units have been sold on top of that since the last check-in, and that’s only adding to a figure SEGA already considers a success.

Famitsu magazine had the chance to talk to SEGA president and COO Yukio Sugino about a number of topics, Sonic Frontiers included. According to Sugino, Sonic Frontiers ended up selling more companies that SEGA anticipated, which is certainly a good problem to have. Sugino also noted that a lot of North American fans have shared messages about their approval of the game and Sonic’s path forward, which made SEGA’s team quite happy.

SEGA has more in store for Sonic Frontiers, as another round of free DLC will see release sometime in the future. SEGA is yet to share detailed specifics on that free DLC, but there’s no doubt it’ll woo a few more new customers to the game.

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