Game developer QubicGames is collaborating with The Knights of Unity to launch Sword of Glory for the Nintendo Switch. The scheduled launch date for this item is set on July 21, 2023.

Your hero’s soul fought alongside the gods to defeat the Titans. At the end of the war, however, you were betrayed by your masters. Now, hundreds of years after your defeat, the Death God resurrects you and your soul so you can take revenge!

Control your gladiator, travel through the different cities and fight in different arenas using skills and magic to defeat opponents.


  • Unique, easy to pick-up skill-based combat system
  • Several cities to visit, containing new arenas, battle types and stronger opponents
  • Cool weapons and gear to unlock
  • Unique style and eye-catching visuals
  • Rougelite game structure, allowing for quick and easy game sessions
  • Organic progress, upgrade your gladiator in a natural way no hassle
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