Limited Run Games has revealed that the Game Boy Color game Repugnant Bounty is getting a physical release. The title will be up for grabs starting July 21st, 2023, and there will be one standard version available. This package is priced at $50 and includes a game box and Game Boy Color cartridge.

One million years ago a certain star was at the climax of its life. The radiation produced by the star changed the people who relied on it… Finding a new place to call home was their only option. One thousand ships left in search of new worlds… but none returned.

The people who remained on the planet changed more and more as their environment became hostile. They even became nearly immortal…Despite that, an unforeseen threat wiped them all out.

All except…one

Rosemarie, an alien from the planet Nimola seeks genocide on the evil monsters who killed her mother and people. Can you find and terminate all 28 threats?

Discover new upgrades to reach new areas and kill all the shadow monsters in this compact adventure.

You can take a closer look at this physical release and learn more about Repugnant Bounty on the LRG website.


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