LEGO 2K Goooal! confirmed for Switch release

You'll get a kick out of this

18 July 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

LEGO and 2K recently worked together to release LEGO 2K Drive on Switch and other platforms. At that time, we heard that the two companies had yet another collaborative project in the works, and now we have confirmation on what that game is.

While LEGO and 2K are yet to reveal the title, the Taiwanese Ratings Board has gone ahead and pulled the curtain back. Listings just went live for LEGO 2K Goooal! on the Taiwanese Ratings Board website, and the Switch is listed among the supported platforms.

Unfortunately, the listing for LEGO 2K Goooal! doesn’t include any other details on what the game has to offer, but one would think with a name like that, this project will be soccer related. We’ll bring you the official details once LEGO and 2K come forward with them.

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