Nicalis, Inc. previously announced that Cramped Room of Death will be available on Switch July 19th, 2023 as a digital download on the Switch eShop. Developed by Hafiz Mohd Rozlan, Cramped Room of Death is a puzzle game masquerading as a dungeon adventure. You play as a brave adventurer named Lance who attempts to navigate through a deadly underground labyrinth armed only with a giant spear. That may sound like a good weapon to have, but sometimes Lance can’t even turn to face an enemy because the hallways are too narrow and the spear is too long.

You may be wondering why Lance only has a spear to his name, or what he’s doing stuck in a labyrinth. It turns out the team at Nicalis was wondering the same thing. In a new dev blog for the game, we come to learn that the gameplay in Cramped Room of Death was where creator Rozlan put his focus, while Nicalis’ Peter Tieryas set to work on the story.

While Cramped Room of Death was in development, we realized that Hafiz, the game’s designer, had not yet answered any of these (story) questions. So I was given the task to add a bit of spice by coming up with some backstory. Our hero didn’t even have a name!

There were a few different ways I could have approached this, but I kept in mind that the team felt it was important to keep a light-hearted spirit. I quickly thought up a few different scenarios, trying to be faithful to Hafiz’s vision for the game. The scenario that resonated the most was that our hero was an adventurer who liked to party a little too much and ended up getting his treasure stolen. The skeleton army also took all of his weapons… everything except his family spear, because they knew it wouldn’t fit in their dungeon lair.

[Nicalis' Peter Tieryas]

If you’d like to read more on how Cramped Room of Death’s story and characters were fleshed out, you can find the full dev blog here.


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