We’re not quite sure why some people think they can escape the ever-watchful eye of corporations when it comes to copyright infringement, but here we are once again with a big-name company swooping in to shut down an unofficial project.

Those familiar with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will remember Cluckin’ Bell (a parody of KFC and Taco Bell) and Burger Shot (a parody of Burger King). One group was particularly fond of these spoof eateries, which led them to plans of creating pop-up restaurants with the same branding and characters. They were looking to open those pop-up spots in California ahead of San Diego Comic-Con, but to no one’s surprise, plans have been squashed.

A team of Take-Two lawyers found out about the unofficial Cluckin’ Bell plans and reached out with cease and desist letters. Not surprisingly, the people planning these pop-ups have agreed to remove any/all references to the San Andreas spots. That said, the restaurants will still open, but with different branding that should avoid any further legal action from Take-Two.


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